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MBA - Strategy

Core strategy course integrating tools such as PESTEL analysis, Porter's 5 Forces, SWOT analysis, Value Chain, among others with real world business cases and an applied project.

MBA - Management of Technology

Converting new technologies into viable products by critically evaluating customer needs in order to launching new ventures or corporate spinoffs.

MBA - Special Topics: Data Driven Decision Making

Using analytical and statistical modeling to help improve critical business decisions to support innovation.

Voice of the Customer analysis, Survey Development, R programming

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Introduction to Entrepreneurship (300 level)

Creativity, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship (300 level)


Finance and Accounting for Entrepreneurs / Business Model Implementation (400 level)

Introduction to Business Processes (200 level)

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Introduction to R programming, statistical modeling, and data visualization

From installing R and R Studio, getting statistical packages installed, organizing data, plots, and running simple statistical analysis. This course is designed as a short 1 day or "1 credit hour" introductory course.

Process Modeling: Understanding Time as a Variable 

An introduction to Growth Modeling, Measurement Invariance, Mediation, Multi-level mediation, Time lagged regression, and Panel Models in R. Recommended pre-requisites: Regression and Structural Equation Modeling.

Developing Value Propositions and Evaluating Business Models

An applied, intensive, workshop designed to perfect a new ventures value proposition. Designed to help identify unique customer problems (i.e., needs), segment and validate first customers, and improve one's chances of getting investment from Angels and Venture Capitalists.